Can I fit a SIP pipe to my PX125 Disc?

Hi all,

I like the SIP chrome pipe and would like to fit it to my PX 125 Disc with Polini 177 Cylinder kit. I have a sito plus exhaust at the moment but after 4 months it looks awful with rust…

Can you give me your thoughts on adding a SIP pipe with pros and cons please.



providing you have a lean as possible but safe setup you will get good performance from the sip pipe,ive always found the polini 177 a damn good kit.the ports will have to be matched and the carb setup perfect,maybe consider a 24mm carb which will pay huge dividends but yes,with standard 125 gearing a sip would work nicely

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Hi Vespadoctor,

The ports are not matched and I am using the standard carb…when I bought the scoot the man at MSC said a scorpion would work OK with my setup so could I get a scorpion but the SIP is out the window?



standard carb will work fine but youre missing out on some good performance with unmatched ports.the sip should work fine with the porting done but hey its your choice my friend

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984