Can hp4 flywheel work with eletrical starter?

can hp4 flywheel work with eletrical starter(PX200)?

i saw some hp4 with teeth on the flywheel fan for other car.

but hp4 for px200 have no teeth.


really need to give up the eletrical starter if i use hp4???


Have the HP4 flywheel installed and doesn’t have starting cog on the back, so when you engaged starter motor just spins there.

I’m not sure about that conversion kit as I have had not experience with it, but looks like should work no problem with a PX large frame

PM Tuning used to sell HP4 for electric start PX , I presume they still do ??

Conversion kit HP4 ignition  with battery


can it use with electrical starter?  for px200?


anyone knew that is it fit with PX200 or not?

As it comes with the starter ring gear attached I would think that it is intended to work with the electric start yes.