Calling sip moderator i need help!

hi guys please help me with my problem

im loosing top end power with my px200. i noticed at wot powers goes down and having a high pitch revving but when slightly close the throttle i regain power again, it seems that im having a fuel starvation. anyway my set up is malossi 210cc match ported case and inlet, malossi manifold and a 30mm flatslide carb, t5 4th gear, i also have this scylinder from sip that matches my kit. im i missing something with my set up like fuel pump????

what about your mainjet ??

do you using a rotray or a reed valve ??

it should be 122-125 Rotary

138-145 with reed valve

hi larocca thanks for the reply...yes my main jet is 125 and it is rotary. do i need fuel pump????

im having problem at the top, ny engine revs very high but devreases power but as soon as you shut of throttle it regains power again. does it mean im having fuel starvation??? cheers!

hi anyone!!! do i really need a fuel pump???