Cables choke difference

Hi dudes,

   I have two carburetors for my SmallFrame. The first one is a DELL'ORTO SHB 16.16 :



My second one is a DELL'ORTO SHBC 19.19 :





Like shown on picture above (check the [color=red][b]red circle[/b][/color]), the place where the cables choke are connected is different.


  • Can you confirm type of cable choke must be different in consequence please ?


  • Plus, can you confirm cable choke for [b]DELL'ORTO SHBC 19.19[/b] must be longer than the one for [b]DELL'ORTO SHB 16.16[/b] ?



I have detected two types of cables choke :



Which one is appropriate for DELL'ORTO SHBC 19.19 and DELL'ORTO SHB 16.16 ?


Hi dude


I guess 94041 is for the 16 shb and 94043 is for 19 shb




I hope you're right .... [:)]