Bulbs and PTFE sleeves for Vespa PK HP

Hell to everyone!
Please help me with answer for this questions:
1) I need a new bulb for headlamp and I'm interestid in this http://www.sip-scootershop.com/en/products/bulb+headlamp+halogen+12v15w+_57505000
but tipp says:
"SIP-TIPP: Due to the higher temperature of the halogen bulb you should use a headlight with a diffusion disk".

The question is: "Can I use that bulb with my stock headlamp?". If not, I should by this bulb, right?

2) Also, I need some cables and most of them are in PTFE sleeve, tipp says:
"Everything apart from PTFE has to be lubricated with oil or grease!"
I need to lubricate sleeve from the outside or inside, or maybe both?

Thank You!


SIP, please help me with answer.

I've sent same question on 8th April to support - silence.

I think my question is not so complicated to answer, it will be my first order from You and will spent some 250-300 euro - it is a good amount for start, I think. I hope to have positive impressions from Your service.

Thank You.