Bridlington custom show

just out of interest,how many of you out there are gonna be at brid this weekend?
just checked out the forecast and,if the met office have it right,it’s gonna be a fairly clear weekend.
i’m going over on the lambretta,might even chuck it in the show if i get there early enough,who knows!
let me know.[:drink:] sure there will be a bit of this going on!

hey,wot you trying to say bout my lammy???
just cos it f***ed up on the way back from iow don’t mean it won’t make brid! heehee!
i’ll be there,don’t you worry! prob quicker than a p2! heehee!

Going Saturday leaving about 5.30 in morning 175 miles from Norfolk see you there Gary[:dance3:] [:dance1:]

How do nell, were setting off between 12-1 on friday from darlo, either 3or4 of us going for the two nights, see you down there (if the lammy makes it)
Oh, whites put me a nice new clutch on today but haven’t picked the bike up yet so fingers crossed.And i’m looking for a T5 kickstart if you know of one anywhere.

Style or speed? I would rather take the T5 but don’t fancy the thought of bump starting it from here to Brid and back and would rather not take the P2 out in case of rain! or frosty roads but it is rather nice looking and a far better ride than me lil red un( i should really uprate the shocks or put harder springs on) oh, and the brakes actually work which is a novelty for me.
Hey mtl no offence but are you a soft southern shandy drinker? I would happily travel 200+ miles for a weekend away from the missus with my pals, drinking, pilaging and generally talking shite freely, go on be a devil it’s Bracing at Bridlington you know.

todays update is that i have decided to put the lammy in the custom show!
bad news is i’ve gotta be there for 9 am![:shock2:] early start i think!
look out for the shiny black and chrome jet 200!
see you all there!
mines a lager![:drink:] [:dance1:]

Id love to go but due to the weather being so crap I cant bring myself to ride the 250 miles to get there.

Well there is another problem also, the brother-in-law is on a visit from Denmark this weekend, my life would not be worth living if I wasnt at home, if you know what I mean. Oh and I do love my shandy.

Hi Nelly,
Leeds Crusaders will be at Bridlington friday to sunday, and the Paul Weller concert on saturday night in Hull.
If you see the Crusaders please say hello.
Neil (Wakefield, West Yorkshire).

[:drink:] [:dance1:] [:drink:] [:dance1:] [:drink:] [:dance1:]