brembo brake caliper vespa



What is the Original Brembo part number for this caliper?

Because when you look on the Brembo site you can only buy disk and blocks!!

No caliper that fits for Vespa they say.

So please can you tell me.




Hello Chris,


the caliper is an original BREMBO Part. But you always need the ZELIONI Adapter to fit on the Vespa. 

That`s why you can not find that part on BREMBO Page. 

This you need to fit the caliper on Vespa GTS.,sco)&a=1&sp=b9623545db244a639cca115187aaffdd&sort=0

Soon we will also have a Brembo Caliper 2-Pot for Vespa LX and 4-Pot for Vespa Primavera. 

Which one you are looking for?

Kind regards

Mario SIP

When are the new brembo pot for the Primavera on stock?

And what is the Original part number of the Brembo pot?

So I can check it on the Brembo site.

So please give me that number, I want to check it.

hi there.

For the Primavera and Sprint, When I use the brembo caliper, do I need to change the disc? Do I also need to purchase new brake hose or can I use the old ones?


What other colours do they come in?

Which "more information" do you need? We can tell you. 

I need both because have lx and Primavera 125cc.

But can you tell me wich partnumber it is of Brembo?

So I could look for it and find more information about it!

And when is soon? This month?


Best regards,