Brake master cylinder on mk1 T5

i got this problem looking to fit the vespa master cylinder handle bar onto my mk1 T5
whats the best way to do this mod
i can go either route as i have both the fork mounted semi and the full hydralic
what i have done is cut the original mount off the px headset
but i was going to get the px end bored out but theres not enough metal in it (and it looks like it will fall apart [:rolleyes:] )

other way seems to be to cut the t5 tube and put a sleev in and weld it

only worry is this is going on my drop bars and i’ve only just got them i don’t want to mess it all up

any one done this mod

thanks in advance


look on p21 of this forum for details of my lml conversion

I cut the alloy light & lever fitting off. Then I made a new alloy throttle tube and bolted it in. I used a Suzuki master cylinder and a Yamaha thumb throttle, you can use a quick action throttle with no hassle.

there is anough metal to bore out a px end but best to do it with a dremel