Brake light not working Vespa

… and it’s not the bulb, I just checked both filaments, they work fine :slight_smile:
Any clues? The light does not come on whether i use the foot pedal or the hand break :-S I saw from the electrical circuit the source of power should be coming from the regulator, does anyone know where I can find it (i’m pretty Vespa new)?

Thanks a lot !


Hi, try here for wiring diagram:SCOOTERHELP.COM brillant, if you need help!

But the grey wire from the regultor should power it? somtimes the wire connected to the rear break pedal comes loose(a bit of a shit to get at!!) so might be worth checking thier.



Indeed, a wire came loose, :-S any recommendation for leaning electronic wires (apart from elbow grease)? My 2nd-hand Cosa is about 15 years old and never been cleaned by the looks of it.