Brake light cuts the engine out

HI folks really need help have wired a brake light into my v50 italian spec wire from the postive 6v coil to brake light then brake light to bulb. then bulb to earth

But every time i brake the engine cuts out

Any ideas welcome as i anm desperate !!!!!!!!!! been biulding this for 18 months

Can't you just rule out some parts? Try if the light works hooked to a battery, try to take out the brake light switch on the foot padle. Perhaps there is some short-circuit somewhere..

Only a cowardly scooterist brake !



that is true but i need it for the damn mot


Remove the bulb light and put a litle cable to make contact.

I have the same problem and i put a litle cable conecting the suport of the bulb light.

sorry about my english [:$]



marco from portugal



do you resolved the problem ??

I´m shure that the problem is your wiring harness or the brakelight switch.