Boostbotle? where to?

once again, me lack of english don’t let me understand instructions , so, please, would u mind to tell me where boostbotles (got a „Doppler airsystem chamber“) are fitted in a reedvalble system without petrol pump?

A: between reeds and engine
B: between carb and reeds
C: none of the above (in this case, tell me where? porfaplease!)

thanks for ur time [:D]

already found solution in malossi webpage!

tx anyway[:)]

surely you would need to put the boost bottle fitting between the reeds and the engine (position A on your diagram). If you put it behind the reeds the gas flowing back would be trapped by the closed reeds, so if you put it in front of the reeds the gas that would be stopped at the reeds would go into the boostbottle.


I used to play with boostle bottle in the time were reed were not there yet.

I don’t think you will get something with a boostbottle in combination with reed.
Play insted with different thickness of reed softer for the high part harder for the lower sometimes you find nice thing.


nice tip curare, gonna play a bit with reeds.

i fitted bottle between carb and reeds as it was shown in malossi web (between carb and rotary valve there)-B position- and carb settings changed a lot. still trying to find a needle-difusor combo that works.

adriannewnham, after think a bit about it, i thought that if boostbottle is fitted as u suggested, it just increases the chamber volume under piston, so when piston go to lower position it will apply less presure to gas so less volume of mixture will go through transfers to combustion chamber.

just guessing.

trying to arrange me scooter, left for city use for last 6 years, so it’ll be able to travel to Lisbon… now i hope that clutch could stand engine changes if properly jetted ;D