Boost Bottle

What do you think about the boost bottle?
Is it a good thing?
Which one to order - Boost Bottle DOPPLER (Art.-no. D292775)
- Boost bottle MALOSSI MACSI (Art.-no. 27670100)
- Boost bottle POLINI (Art.-no. 11701000)

This is my setup :

  • PX150
  • Malossi 166cc
  • SIP Performance exhaust
  • Dell’orto PHBH30
  • Reed valves Malossi¨
  • Airfilter Ramair
  • Cylinder and the casings are ported together
  • Dell’Orto Fuel pump but not mounted on my engine yet.

ok thanks Avenger


I believe they are just for show. Racers don’t use them and non motorcross engines, Particularly vespa engines - I consider artistic visual appeal outweighing the useful factor.

Don’t get me wrong I think they Look great when the boost bottle is on show with tidy brackets and pipe work. I would just go for the one that looks most visually appealing !

ok thanks Avenger

GIMMICKS! What does it mean?