Blowing bulbs?

Now that I am riding around at dusk and have the lights on all the time I am blowing tail lights and headlight bulbs, last week I also replaced 3 of the indicator bulbs but I think that was from going over judder bars too quickly.

Is the voltage regulator always the faults here, or bad earths?

I don’t want to fork out for a new regulator without cheking everything else first.


Most likely regulator. Cheap ones from LML suppliers

or stator plate lighting circuit on its way out

Replaced the voltage regulator witha LML version, cheaper as the RMS were double the price, just have to take it for a test run.

I have had a couple of dodgy 5w tail light bulbs and some llose wires under the horn case that have been fixed now.

Now just get the speedo guage bulbs sorted, they are intermitent on the indicator and high beam warning lights.[:@]