Bloody t5 again!

right fellas as some of you might be aware i have blown another 172 kit   this time the crown of the piston decided to fall away and weld its self to the barrel..(i forgot to do any running in  do'h) so now  the work i have done is 172 kit cut crank  reedsped spec head (i think) timming has been strobed  and i have used a standerd 20 tooth cosa clutch...the blokes who are doing this work have suggested an upgear i need one or should i not riding style is thrash the tits of it where ever i go ..also do i need to get a bigger carb than the standerd one

i forgot to take it easy as it was dying to go faster …whoo hooo

i have the scorpian pipe on it  just got it back and its running a 135 jet and very nicely  before i could only run it on a 125 main jet  is this down to haqving the timming done properly this time?

Go for the 21 tooth, as the t5 likes the higher revs!

22 would be too high with a full frame(cuttting it down would help[:D]) ,and more expensive, as they will not sell just the 22 cog, only the complete clutch!, I tried a p200 fourh but the kit would not pull it when used with 21 tooth,so would have thought this around the same as 22 with t5 fourth

high jetting, is probably due to the cut crank!


yes mate they suggested either the 21 tooth or the 22 clutch gear thingy  would it matter either way which one

When they say upgear kit, do they just mean a 21 clutch gear? as this should be enough, unless you are going for the full reed/carb tune 

What pipe? my t5 kit's always go at the exhaust port(piston dissapears in between the rings!)but usally last acouple of years abuse, If it was me, I would get it up and running,run it in![;)] then change as you want it, so that you have no problems to start with, as jetting can be a pain.


Upgear kit sounds like a good idea to me.


How do you "forget" to run a bike in tho'?



ok thanks for your words of wisdom i can not wait to thrash it to within an inch of its life[:D]