Bloody pinking malossi

[:bounce:] Help me !!! my mildly tuned , zirri piped , standard rejetted , hp4 flywheeled , race cranked p210 disc pinks slightly and seems to run hot even thogh the plug is black. It looks cooked to death not whiteish at all. After a 20 minute run you could fry eggs on the casing. any ideas???

It was a sito plus before and the casings werent matched when I had it dynod . The air correction ? ( main jet holder ) is a 120, so I dont know if thats standard. My jets will be here tomorrow I`ll let you know how I get on .

[:)] Went for a run today with a 125 main in and it was miles better, I will go up a bit from there and see what happens.Thanks for all the help . If anybody ever runs the 230 zirri kit we`d like to know

My main jet is 118 which does seem small but this was set up by taffspeed before I had the zirri pipe and tuned it some more. Ive ordered a few jets from beedspeed this morning so I hope this sorts it. Anyway who said 75mph genuine !!! I m lucky to get 65 downhill . Mind you being 16 and a half stone doesn`t help.

Perhaps he does not have the transfer ports matched. 65Mph downhill, thats real slow for a malossi 210, and yes I have been clocked by someone in a car at 80mph. My machine as standard would do 65mph. Are you sure that its a malossi you have on it?

Btw when you buy a malossi kit they recomend a 125 main jet for a standard exhaust and 130 for an expansion pipe.

Also I believe that if you dont have the casing matched it is more likley to overheat as a correct charge of fuel will not be reaching the combustion chamber. Go buy a dremel and use the base gasket as a template.

yes ,thanks, ill probably end up taking it to taffspeed to be dynod as they are quite close. Its nice to have a go yourself anyhoo. Theyll probably blame the zirri pipe but I cant afford a taffspeed one. [:(]

Yeah the head has been modified by taffspeed and was dynod a couple of years ago . Its been tuned more and had a different exhaust since, so that throws it all out. The zirri pipe is quite good quality but I had to bugger around to make it fit ok , cheap though (£100), imported for me by bedlam . Looks like it should cost more and sounds nice. I have got the only one Ive ever seen in this country ??? don`t know why ??? Nobody uses the zirri P range kit either ???

I think my main jet is too small perhaps, about the pipe, to make it fit , you have to cut a peice out of the frame , bend the stand, fit a spring bracket on the stub and space the spare out. Apart from that it fits perfect !! They do do a 230 cc kit , I don`t know anything about it though . Theres a picture on their site.

Well on my setup a malossi 210, casings matched, cut crank and Sip performance. I did not touch the rotary valve inlet as I was too afraid of making a mistake. The carb is set up as follows:

Air Jet 160
128 Main (using autolube)

When I was using premix I used a 130 Main.

It splutered when I used a 130 with the autolube.

Pleased to hear you are getting there.

Vespa… its not just a scooter, its a way of life!

have a word with mark broadhurst at mb developments,he knows the score with tuned engines.remember,advice is free!
think you need to sort it b4 it goes into self destruct mode!
mb developments 01709869756.

I would say the jet should be between 125/128/130. I also suffer from a little pinking with my setup, Malossi 210 with Sip Performace, tends to start to pink at speeds over 75mph for any sustained period. It also pinks a little if I drop the throttle at speeds over 70mph or if im going down any kind of incline. I can only presume that when I drop the throttle or go down an incline not enough fuel is getting in to cool the engine. I am happy enough though, all I need the scoot to do is to sit at 65-70 mph everyday on the motorway with the ability to go a little faster for overtaking.

It does sound as though its seriously underjetted doesn`t it. Last week I did some serious dremmelling and filing. I opened up the piston windows cut out the cylinder base windows and matched all that to the casings as well as opening up and matching the boost port and inlet. I took info from the DR Wobel page and a bit from MB. I have a file of pics if anybody wants it.

Try the same setup as me but use the 130 main.

Vespa… its not just a scooter, its a way of life!