Bleeding Grimeca Disc Advice

Hi, I´ve just bought a Grimeca full hidraullic kit for my PX200, and now I don´t how to bleed the system.

Is there a specific way to fasten the banjos?

Do you know any tip to fulling and bleeding the system without buying any special vacuum tool or something like that?

Thanks and Regards
Gabriel [?[]

The easiest way to bleed a system is the reverse method: Get a medium or large syringe, these are easy to find in car accessory or motorbike shops, get a length of hose, say 300mm minimum, to fit the syringe, fit the other end to the bleed nipple on the brake caliper, fill the syringe with brake fluid, loosen the bleed nipple and pump the brake fluid in, if you need to refill the syringe just tighten the nipple, fill the syringe and push the air out of it before you put it back on the bleed nipple, watch the fluid fill the master cylinder, take the lid off before you start, when the fluid reaches it’s marks in the master cylinder tighten the bleed nipple on the caliper and fit the lid of the master cylinder. You could use the syringe to suck fluid through the normal way but the reverse way is easier to control. Cover as much of the bodywork with rags to avoid splashing brake fluid on them and be careful. When you fit the banjos put a copper washer each side to seal it.

Sorry to hijack this post. But would the method you just mentioned,work the same with a hydraulic clutch as well?.


Yes it should work on any hydraulic system.

Ok cheer’s for that. Will give it a try.[:O]

Aaaaah Now looks so simple ;D

Thanks a lot