Bitubo YZV rear shock on VNB5, riding very low


I have fitted a Bitubo YZV rear shock to my VNB5 with 8" wheels.

Since then it is sitting and riding very low. Much lower than with the stock shock and too low to be practical given the amount of speed bumps and pot holes on/in the roads.

Is this because I have it set up wrong? Or is this shock only appropriate for a VNB5 if you have done a 10" wheel conversion or something else?



Thanks for the reply.

So adding in a distance nut will increase the gap between the road and undercarriage?

How do I know which size to order?

It goes at the top of the shock (sorry I'm a bit ignorant about this stuff).


Hi Ron,


you need to fit a distance nut on the rear to get the same length as your original shock. 


Have a look here.