Bitubo H0087-WZE02

I was wondering if anyone knows if the Bitubo H0087-WZE02 could be ordered with a red spring rather than black.

Martin how can I order a Model H0087-WZE02 for my 2006 honda big ruckus??




Thank you,


Mine is ordered


I am also waiting for an update on my order. I just recieved an email about you guys wanting to send me a poster when I had ordered a shock for my big ruckus... I'm hoping that this amount of waiting is normal...

Thanks very much very please with my product and service, much worth the wait. Thanks

I am trying to figure out how to purchase the Model H0087-WZE02, for my 2006 honda big ruckus. But there is not one in the sip search engine.




Hello Ron,

Just check this link:

and put one in the shopping cart. We are still waiting for our next delivery from the supplier. Should be in next week. The version with the red spring is this item:



Hi dude


I´ll check for you ....




thanks I ordered one last week (black spring)


Ron Bonvie

Any update on the orders.




We have ordered a couple of shocks with red spring. They should be available in about two weeks from now.



Hello to all the Ruckus/Big Ruckus riders out there,

Good news, we finally managed to get our hands on a limited number of BITUBOs. We have sent you personal emails today to let you know and ask if you still want the shock shipped. Please send us a quick reply to let us know if we can ship the shock or not.

Best regards,