Bigger carbs & Autolube?

This has been covered on this board but I can’t find that post, on my PX Pinasco 225 I want something a bit bigger than the 24mm carb but still want autolube, I remember someone saying that the 26mm Delorto can be modified to autolube but SIP doesn’t seem to sell them, are there any other 26-28mm carbs that can be modified to be compatible with autolube?

Buy the 26mm SI carb but when you get it, fit the autolube link arm from your old carb, it is just 2 screws and out it comes. My 26mm carb came with the autolube arm, so they are out there, try Beedspeed in the uk.

Found one at SIP, searched in wrong category, they have carbs in 2 categories.