big problem with sip shock absorber 2.0

Hi, i'm Marc SIP dealer in Belgium.

Recently, a Customer as buying sip shocks 1.0 (serie 72000)and was very happy with them. Then happenend the recall on those products with the exchange with the sip shocks 2.0. (serie 76000)

AND HERE BECOMES THE PROBLEMS. First The design and colors was not the same telling the Customer... Ok i deal with that, but the real problem is that  the springs on the 76000 series seems to  FAR TOO SOFT !!! I've try the scoot myself (200PX) trying the spring preload every way possible and nothing to do, the shoks came on abutment on every  defect that too big is on the road (and i'm not an very heavy person). With two persons on the scoot is the driving almost impossible.

What do you thinking about this problem ?

Thank you in advance,