big bike little bike

don’t know if anybody is interested in this, but now on uk satelite tv on home and leisure is a program called big bike little bike which features scoots. channel 133/134 on digital. if you’ve read this another day sorry!!!

it’s worth watching. the next ones show the vespa auction for charity, the new forest sc pet food run and some guy from the isle of wight on a scooter with his dog in the side car. also watch out for „petrol heads“. one episode shows scooter racing, the w s m lambretta shop and terry from taffspeed with the dyno.



the bblb is a new serires-series 2 but petrol heads is a repeat. just watch out for it, they are always repeated on sky.


On this sundays program its the Isle of wight rally [H]

Its not just on satellite, normal TV too on sunday arvo[:roll:] [:roll:] [H]

Watched the said programme last night on Home and Leisure channel on sky,managed to see my scoot parked up on the campsite(methinks anyway) only about 10 mins of footage but hey a little bit is better than nowt. Anyone else spy themselves or their scoots? Yes Mr Demon my scoot was there because it didn’t b*** up on the way and pissed a 180 Runner off on the way back.Pip Pip.

Hi All
if your interested i`ve been in contact with Sky and the edition of Petrolheads with scooter racing featured in it will be on on 27th January 2003 at 17:00.
Just hope the missus remembers to record it!!..we all know what women are like!!..;D
Cheers Big-N

What TV channel thanks Gary

Is it a new series or repeats?

Its not just on satellite, normal TV too on sunday arvo[:roll:] [:roll:] [H]