Big air filter with standard carb

HI has any one tryed a bag air filter fitted to the air box with a standard carb my brother is having his engine kitted on a px200
the tuner ha told him to fit a big air filter like a malossi to the air box a this will help as any one done this if so was it any better
Thanks Gary

Have a look at the following link for the standard range of Ramair filters:

Look under Motorbike filters (on the left of the screen).

The mounting flange on the front of a standard airbox is 58mm in diameter.

Hope this helps.


hold an indian filter up to a light and you can’t see through it cos it has too much fine gauze, hold an italian one up to compare you will see through as it has one layer of medium gauze. I would only suggest using the indian one if you lived somewhere dusty, like india, or in or near a desert area.

bin the indian shite filter asap mate, it made a 2hp difference when i changed my indian one for an italian one. on an lml 150 basically the same as px but with slightly restricted barrel porting, you will need to check the jetting to make sure it is ok.

I was advised to do this by BEERACE and VESPADOCTOR so it comes from good sources. Just fit a big RAMAIR or similar filter over the end of the airbox, take out the standard one, and the rubber hose to the frame. I’m still working on the plans for the T5 spoiler by the way (wasn’t happy with the first design and had exams at college) Got Autocad 2005 on PC at home as well now, which took some setting up, I got 4 copies but my PC wouldn’t read them, so finally found one that worked.

Hi Ade,
Thanks for the advice. Will bin asap.

Hi all,
On the topic of big (bag) air filters. I’m running a standard px150e.If I use a Ram air filter ,would I have to change the main jet and alter the air mixture settings? and is it really worth doing with a standard engine? At the moment I’ve got an Indian filter and it doesn’t look too good ie. The filter part is plastic as aposed to the wire mesh type from Italy.
Cheers Grimesy.

sorry should have read big air filter f…ng key board

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