beyond me help

put a new clutch in my t5 mk 1 yesterday new plates and all so anyone who can help me explain this…
why does the clutch snap when pulling off no slipping just a quick snap and a small wheely its a total night mare help.

[H] sorted the last plate was sticking on the basket had to file some off works fine now.

Did you line the small hole in the basket, with the hole in the rear clutch boss(the part that actully goses on the crank,christ if I can rember what its called!)about 3-4mm, it will make the springs slightly off so that it twists as its being released.

Sounds like warped steel plates. If you had clutch slip before you changed your clutch the the slipping caused the steel plates to warp. Go and fit a new set of steel plates asap or it will kill your new friction plates quickly.

Agree with richie rich…do it fast or you will burn out the cork plates + make sure that the slots in the basket are cleaned-up (remove rough edges with file) …although the latter usualy causes drag due to not releasing properly it could also affect smooth engagement

It sounds like the clutch plates are dry to me, so you will have to take the cluch back out, take apart and soak the plates in oil overnight, put back together with all holes lined up.