Best way to tune a gilera stalker ? any tips please

i have a gilera stalker and am looking to tune it. I plan to go with malossi but does anyone have any advice on set up's. I am not looking to go all MHR, So any advice please?

Hi George0550 ;)

I´ve enough tips for you but in advance I need to know if you would like to use your bike on the road or just for races?

It will be used for road but i want it going proper fast  at least hitting 70 mph or just getting to that speed very quick so can you please get back to me. Many thanks

i got a tip for ya boy get a aerox lol joking your best of just geting a single ring 70 kit and crank and bigger crab with open airfilter and u b beating most people anyway mate

you can get a stalker going just as fast or faster than a aerox and its much cheaper