best vespa?

Okay, out of all the models, which is the best Vespa - and why…?

I think that this is a personal matter, everyone have a different idea about this.

thats easy - mine is the best! :lol:

Bangkok- Very peaceful, Most Thais welcome it really. I know it isn't democratic and all that but niether was Thaksin's regime. His human rights record was disgusting. This is the 18th coup since WW2 so they're getting very good at it. [:)]  I for one support 100%.

Yep $100 all in.

I've got to go back to class now will write more later on both these topics.


the best vespa is that you love.


its a work in progress…1983 PX150e

Current set up:

standard 150 barrel, upjetted si20 carb, JL lh stainless exhaust, bitubos front and back, grimeca semi hydraulic front disc.

Waiting to be fitted:

pinasco 177, si24 carb, fully hydraulic disc (incl fork) from a 04 PX

its definitely not the best vespa but in the 2 years i have had it, it has never broken down once…

...and what is it?



No it's mine. Or it will be when I get the Yamaha DT175 piston installed to a Pinasco barrel and get round to having twin discs made and fitted.and .....and .......

The second to mine, Mark's T5 190 is pretty cool[:D]

Thirdly, any other P series will do


Thanks mate, friend for life. I should be getting a Thai made full hydraulic set up soon.Using Honda parts. I've been quoted $100 , the down side is it isn't a bolt job and it will be in a shop for 10 days.10 days is along time without my wheels. I hate driving to work in Banglok's rush hour traffic.


whats it like living in bangkok at the minute? - that military coup seems to be going off fairly peacefully…

best vespa is the p range reason being its been in priduction fir 30 years thats longer than certain other manufacturers called lambretta lasted in there entirity

i have to admit grimsey - your scoot is pretty sweet - the discs will make a great job of it too…

A hundred dollars?????????????????


a HUNDRED dollars?????????????????


a hundred DOLLARS??????????????????


Good lord, that representes very much cheapness. Does it include labour?

Yeah I just wondered what people liked...


You know, as a change from "what jet do i need"


I like SS180, ET3, Rally/Sprint Veloce, I don't like MK1 T5, but loads of people do. I wondered what the people on this forum like.