Best tyres for touring?

Hello you Vespa crazy people. I Want to get advice the best long distance touring tire for the rea of my 180 rally? I came back from a trip for Vespa World days to Norway and back doing it as mch overland as possible I manage just under 5000km on a Conti race tyre on examination at end it was so thin, I  have seen thicker condoms! I need to find a better harder wearing tyre but still got good grip and not going to pop on me.

Advice please. 


I'm using conti twist sport on my px225 and I'm very pleased! For sure they won't have the same grip but once warmed they are very good and will last much longer!


hi thanks for that advice  you are only reply so far seems nobody arond? thanks


Hi Turtle !

I´ve used the heidenau K58 for a trip of ca. 2200km.

And there was rain, heavy curves and sand.

Allways good grip and the rubber is allmost 70 %.


I guess that´s a good compromise between grip and durability.