Best performance kit for a PX200 lump


I have a VBA that I am going to put a PX200 lump in. I want as much torque and power as I can and was going to opt for a malossi 210cc, reed valve, 30mm carb, lightend flywheel and scorpion/JL exhaust.

Whilst the engine is being build should I consider putting in a longstroke crank or even consider other kits/combinations instead of the above.




If your P2 casings are good , then go with a W5 Malossi 210 & W5 head - add the RZ righthand exhaust & a 28 or 30 mm PHBH - a banded 23tooth Cosa Clutch and a modified PK XL flywheel - always use the later EFL gearbox - use a Racing Mazzuchelli crank and all new bearings - use a new Genuine Piaggio cruciform and selector rod - all new German or equiv bearings - Genuine Oil Seals.

Match your casing ports to the barrel.

If you are a small guy stick with the P2 4th gear , if you are 'big boned' lad then use the late PX125 / T5 4th.


Gas shocks front and rear , and a disc brake for the front [ conversion forks etc].


All of this is available from SiP on this site , and is the lower end of the kind of tune you have described - cost it up and then decide how far you want to go ?

I Think that this is one of the most desired subjects and there are many differen opinions and experiences regardig this.

It all comes down to money and HP VS durability.

Keep in mind, that the Mazuchelli cranck 60mm is of poor quality, except the full circel. This is for some reason is much stronger. Many have twisted their cranck.

Most of The EFL gearing sold new today is not the same quality as the older type EFL.

Have great experience with: regarding tuning of PX engine.

The defining factor here will be money , ie how much you want to spend ? Do you want all low end grunt for hills and wheelies , or top end speed for pissing off bikers and boy racers ? The PHBH 30mm Del'Lorto is a fine carb but its old technology and there are many other bigger more advanced options . Long stroke cranks are not the be all and end all , yeah they are superb for certain applications but for other uses not so great. Surf over to Worb 5's site and then come back here to buy his kit ?

By the way , make sure your old frame can take the extra power and then think of how you'll stop it !! Shocks and a disc brake are no brainers if you have any sense !

my engine is still running with the mazzuchelli crank !


PX 200 with 211 Malossi 30 carb longstroke crank and a modified T5 pipe