Best Parts for Tuning a Italjet Velocifero

Please could some one recomend the best 21mm Carb,Bigger Manifold and Larger Gears for tuning a Italjet Velocifero.I have found 2 Dellorto Carbs which are 21mm,one says it is a racing Carb? Also i require a larger Manifold and larger gears?  I already have a Malossi Variator on order and i'm looking at getting a Malossi 70cc Cylinder kit ,Please be aware that i intend to use my scooter most days if that makes a differance.  I'm doing this for more speed and believe the 70cc kit is the largest one avalible for my scooter. If you know otherwise please let me know.



this is the right carb:


the gear


and the cylinder



also use a better belt and clutch

M527879 and M617231

no manifold needed- use the orig. style


good set up that gives you what you need!