Best head for malossi 210?

what is the best head for malossi 210 ? there seem to be a number of options. I have cut crank, T5 4th, RZ RH, and si24



standard stroke,

what is advantage of MMW, if it stops detonation/pinking is it because of lower compression, or squish shape compared to malossi head ?

thank you

Hi dude

Basically the MMW in my oppinion is the better choice than for example the Malossi cylinder Head with Compression 12.5:1.


I recommend you the following MMW heads:

13013855 Compression 11.5:1, Squish 1.2mm incl. O-ring


13013950 Compression 11.5:1, Squish 1.2mm



Many thanks

Is the MMW head with O-ring to be used with the copper head gasket or without?

come on chaps, perhaps then you could share with me what head you run on your malossi 210 if not the standard head and why, and what configuration it is ?


MMW! Best head for Malossi on the market!

thank you, what are advatages of mmw head over standard malossit head ? do you suggest one with sealing ring or not ?

what is best squish and compression ratio ?

Hi dude


What crank do you use ? A standard stroke or a long stroke ??




Hi dude


The head with o-ring dont needs a head gasket.

The head without o-ring needs a head gasket.