Best exhaust for p200

I need a performance exhaust for my p200 which is being rebuild with amalossi 210 kit with the transfers done and obviously rejetted.
I dont want a stainless one and not one which is to loud and preferable cheap what are your reccomendations.

Hi juan is the dominator suitable with a malossi 210 kit ?
I heard on good advice that the said pipe was done and dusted at 7000 rpm!
I am interested to see this debate as i was also gonna get one but with so many contrasting veiws and such a dear piece of equipment im not to sure!
Isnt it about time some dealer bit the bullet and had a try before you buy scheme, whereas you could test the item on a road to see if it fill your requirements!
AS everyone s riding styles arent always the same!
Rant over LOL[:bounce:] [:shock1:]

I have never tried an espansion ehausts that is globally satisfying with the Malossi "standard " set up. Standard means no short 4th, no reed intake.
Not to spend too much you could try to down gear it with a 22 clutch teeth even though at the first engine opening you need to fit a short 4th. But you will always feel the Malossi 210 not torquey enough.

PS: I have just added some Malossi enginecases work pictures at my blog address.

Yeah,I haven’t ridden it on a kitted motor yet,but as stated,I was impressed by the delivary on standard motor.

I personally don’t believe a P2 is suited to becoming a rev monster,that’s why I/we love T5’s,other’s will disagree and that’s fine.

My preferance would be for a 200 to operate properly in the lower to mid range,I’ll take you’re word as to a beast fitted with an up-gear and look forward to taking one for a test drive.

I tried a scorpion but it didnt hit power until 5k revs and lumpy round town. My taffspeed comes in from 3k revs and so far have had 8300k revs. Very nice to ride round time and responsive when cruising.

You won’t get cheap but I’d recommend the B-race Dominator.My mate has just fitted one to his bone stock P2 and it pulls like a train with it.


Got myself a taffspeed one in the end .have not tryed it yet.what main jet should I use for amalossi 210 kit and a taffspeed pipe?

Regards Colin

I think you may fall short of your intended cruising speed as when i had my taffy anything bleow 70 and it was dead, Alot of 3rd 4th gear changes, Mine used to sit lovely at 60 in 4th but you had to change down to 3rd to get it too accelerate past 70 then in 4th and away of the clock.
Please let me know if yours is any difference as im interested too see how you get on,
Juan those graphs are fine but what does it mean on the road mate when travelling into the wind or up hill?
best way to get comparrrisons is for people to report how there scoot goes with different set ups !
As i for one get very frustrated buying the lateset super duper thingy ma jig only to find out it actually slows my scoot down!!GGGrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Rant 2!
I thank you.[:bounce:] [:shock1:] ;D

Just to add my tuppence worth, Juan the dyno sheet shown is/ was for a Malossi 210 reed motor, the scoot on the road would bog down at around the 7200-7500 area but the torque was a excellent. (for the dyno run it was running a T5 4th) Weve now got a standard p2 gearbox without loss across, just spread a bit more. I believe youve tried it on a std p2, it behaves the same on a Malossi, as shown in the Scootering article. It doesnt rev to 9k but pulls fabulously a std gearbox with the torque. My own engine was a reed malossi pulling a std p2 gearbox AND the straight cut high gear kit, and was FAST, but still only revving to 7800-8000. It IS down to personal preferences, whether you want the engine to scream like a banshee or pull tall gearing, Ive done both and as I have blown up most of my clutches in the 8k-10k rev range and like being able to roll on the throttle from 35 to 85/90 mph in top I feel the Dominator is outstanding, as do every owner (I await the owners replies to that one!!) Hows yours Johan? Andy? Paul? plus other contributors to this forum. Tuppence said. Ride Safe. Rubber up. I will try to sort out a TEST PIPE FOR VISITORS TO THE WORKSHOP/ DYNO.!!!

It is only abasic tune with the the transfers matched and standard carb.I only want a reliable scoot with a little bit of go.If it can cruise at 65 I will be happy.

I had a taffy pipe on mine.
What spec is your engine colin?
mine was matched casings ,maz crank,pk flywheel, worb copy barrel and piston, taffy head,t5 4th and a spaco 26mm carb, main jet was 130 with a be4 atomizer(cheers diablo)
And when it went it WENT!!
not sure how well it goes in 4th as not really been on a run as yet!!

Hi Paul.As you say riding styles differ and it will depend on the set up for suitability.

If you look at the graph you’ll notice it makes peak power at 7,000rpm and then begins to fall away.

On a fairly standardish set up I’m confident that this would be fine,admittedly it may not be enough on a total monster and a Scorpian,Taffy or similar will suit it better and allow it to rev on.

I’d like to see the try before you buy too.;D