Best carburator for vespa 50s with pinasco 102cc cilinder kit

Hello ! i would like to know what's the best carburator to put on my v50s with 102cc pinasco cilinder kit??

can someone help please!!

Hi dude



You can use the 16 SHB or the 19 SHB carburetor.




If you use the 16 SHB the recommended mainjet size should be 68-66

If you use the 19 SHB the recommended mainjet size should be 82-80



Fix the ignition to from 19 to 17 degrees






I'm in the same situation here but I bought the malossi kit.

what would be the difference between the 16/16 and the 19/19?

will it have more torque with the 19?

I'm interested in having low end power rather than high speeds

thanks in advance

Hi dude


I recommend you a 19 carb, because the malossi is a bit more powerfull than the dr !


Shure, the tourqe can be a little bit higher with the 19 anyway it´s necessary to have it with a malossi for the cooling and the performance.



Notice that your cylinder is a mid - high ref cylinder.