Bent Stand

i have a chrome centre stand on my Mk1 T5 and it has bent so that the right hand down tube is at more of an angle of that on the left. this means that the scooter is only ever on one stand foot making it wobble and more prone to falling over. is this just that stand or could it be that it’s bent because of the exhaust (pm Tuning Pipe)? if i replace the stand with a standard black one will it bend or not? or should i buy the re-inforced stand of here? also, does any PX stand fit a Mk1 T5?

cheers all,

no, it was fine when i bought the scoot about 2 months ago. been doing this for about 3 weeks now and is getting worse and worse. there are no cracks or stress marks anywhere it just seems to have dis-shaped almost. it’s doing my head in cause i’m paranoid that the scoots going to fall over and with a colourflake paintjob i don’t want to be the one to have to pay for a panel to be re-sprayed (also the colour was made up on the day so no one knows what colour it is)

Has it always been bent the stand since you had scoot? any cracks or sighs of stress around cracks?