Beedspeed easy clutch

Anyone used of of these gadgets that makes pulling a clutch in easier and reduces the amount of cable pull required?


Will it fit a small frame?



if you look on the scooter boys world site there is a link to the demon tweeks ones, they were heaps cheaper from memory.

On a curiosity level - anyone know how it works?

all i know is that you cabn buy thm a shitload cheaper from demon tweeks, and yes they should be fine on a smallie.

Do you mean one of these?

As for how it works? I’ve got know idea![I)]

Hi chaps, theese easy pull devices have been out for a long time and started in the motorcross circle. They work by pulling your cable over a cam on to another cable thus changing the ratio at which you pull. In thery it should fit eny scooter. Ultraphine is right shop around most moto x and trials shops sell them.