Bearing gudgeon pin / crank conversion

dude, why the gudgeon pin should be different? the conrod are the same , 110,0mm, pin 16mm, reed valve or disk valve nothing change.


you need that gudgeon pin if you want to use 200cc crank into  125-150cc carter.

you need also a 5mm gasket because the 200cc crank have  5mm longer con rod (110 instead of 105mm)

reed valve or not, that's not the point.

Cheers Knoxville, it was my understanding too but I wanted somebody to give confirmation. I was a bit confused about the reed valve cause of this sentence

"This bearing conversion kit enables the combination of a 200cc reed valve crankshaft with the large frame VESPA PX 80-150cc motor."

so let's go for conversion, should be great with the DR 177 I did install