Bast... electrics

well got 4 days out of the old red lady after the winter rebuild ,paint job etc etc lucky i wasnt too far from home, anyways, NO SPARK! yes have done the usual checks, need some meter tests and readings please, stator plate, red and white wires, 115 ohms, green to white, 498 ohms, does this sound correct ?thats all i no of how to check, is there anymore tests to be done on stator? havnt got a spare coil can this be checked too?[:’(] [:’(] [:’(] [:’(] [:’(] [:’(] [:’(]

Sorry but I don’t know the meter setting’s,if youve checked every thing from sparky back to the coil, all thats left is the coil,black pick up or the stator coil or a trapped wire?
The black coil either works or it dosn’t,same with the pick up and the ignition coil on the stator.
You somtimes can get a spark from the green wire(very faint!)red goes to the pick up,and the white is just an earth.
scootering did a piece, I’ll try to dig out the setting’s from that if no one better reply’s!!

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why worry about electrical faults just torch the bastard and claim on the insurance!(i fooookin hate electrics)glad you got her goin she a sweet running fat bitch that purrrs

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Impedence reading is within limits, Does it start again if left for a while, could be the pick up (black box on stator), therse no test that can be done on this item, apart from replace and see.
Should cost around £10 for part.
You would need a very big volt meter to check HT coil as secondry winding will give out some 20,000 volts.
Have you tried the wiring loom it self, disconect the green wire from the loom to the HT coil this will eliminate that from the problem, also easy way to hot wire any scooter but i didn’t tell you that.