Bajaj electronic ignition kit

I have a vespa super with a bajaj kit not running

the wires coming out of the stator are green,black,grey,red and finally purple

the bajaj CDI unit has  G R V B on it does anybody know where the colours go onto the CDI please




Here we go:

Green goes to lights and horn( on the connection box)

Black goes to earth on connection box

Grey goes to G on CDI and one more wire from G to kill

Red goes to R on CDI

Purple (violet..) goes to V on CDI

You will need to make the wiring from the CDI to the ignition coil, and a ground wire(black) from the connection box to the CDI, as the black wire from the stator plate is connected to the black wire in the connection box.

Regards/ Jonas P

green from stator is only for lights/horn


use this schematic

is for a vnb but it will go also for a super

if you look at the  CDI you have 2 pin at G  you have to use the nearest to R to connect the stator

the other G pin is to shut off the vespa

well i thought that was the case and tried exactly that 

the grey wire though is the optic wire so that seems wrong could bajaj have used different colours to the coils on the stators .


or will it not run unless i connect the green wire up !!!!


confused or what



Thanks will look nminto that

can you confirm that the grey wire comes from the pick up eye

that the red wire is from one of the coils and the black is just an earth in the stator

thanks in advance ken