I know they don’t really look cool, but I want a back-box for my PX-200 (1999)
I want somewhere to put the helmet / stuff.

Any suggestions guys? Do they make them for the PX’s?


Thanks Xeres.

Yeah,get a flat rear carrier then search e-bay to see what’s available.

Hi if you get in touch with any main dealer im sure they could help.

pretty sure you could. get a flat rear carrier fitted then search around for a generic topbox to bolt down onto it.
ive got a vague memory of piaggio making one as when i bought by PX disc in 2003, they gave me a little leaflet advertising the „official“ accessories.

good luck, hope it helps.


Were about’s are you? as I have one that fits to the flat rear rack
not sure what make!, or if there is a key, a bit shitty but if you want it you can have it.