Back order assistantance needed

Your Customernumber: 19622400
Your Ordernumber: 17699/2012

Hi I have a back order that now has everything in stock and when I try to reply to the email all I get in response is a blank email from sip. I still need all the parts so if someone from sip can look into this and let me know what's happening. Brian

I have ordered 20 items from you 08.08.12

And all my items are now showing up on backorder.[:^)]

Could someone help me with this please?

Customer Number: 28911300

Hello Brian,


I unblocked your order now and you will get a new PayPal payment request by email soon. Please use the link included in that mail so we can go ahead and ship the order.


Best regards,



Thanks for the new link i have now paid. Brian