B-Race pipe

OOOOh im all excited!! Fitted a B-Race pipe to my 210 reedvalve today. Up geared from what I had after talking to Simon and looking at the power curve on his website. Now have 23/65 T5 4th, MB reed block. Brilliant! At first I thought it was slower because the last incarnation of this engine was like riding a motorcrosser. However its just the power curve is so smooth and fat. Got my mate with a sorted TS1 for comparison and very much on par. We were both accelerating up a slight incline and I was doing 7500 rpm which is about 81mph. Still had some left. It pulls like a train from low down and no loss of power from 3rd to 4th.
Off to Bridlington scooter rally this weekend so I intend to thrash the tits off it and see what it tops out at.

Excellent, many thanks


Tell you what the most frustrating thin g was though. I get the tacho up to 8000rpm on the motorway-brilliant thats 84mph with my gearing. I look behind me and right on my number plate is my mate on my old cutdown with my T5 reedvalve engine in it. I couldn’t shift him all weekend! Bugger


There you go the guys name is Simon

Yeah jus got back from brid and i know what you mean. Can do 7500rpm all the time(approx 80mph) can do 8000rpm (84mph) some of the time. My cases are very old though and have transfers for polini. Ive got a 1.2mm packer (base) and a recessed head I might try next week. Also been talking to simon about doing the tranfer windows in the piston as well. Overall though excellent. On the way home on the m1 pulling 75MPH into a pretty stron headwind.

running mine with 23/64 straight cut primary which you may find better. gives cruising speed around 85mph plus loads more

Hello Diablo

Where can you purchase the B-Race pipes from and how much are they?
I’ve been reading bits and bobs on the forum and they sound promising (found some J-peg links for pictures of the pipe from a while back but can’t get any of them to download properly), does the manufacturer have a web page?