Automatica with no spark

I have V5P2T, now with no spark. I was riding when the engine stopped suddenly, like the key was turned off. It restarted just breifly what would not run. Now, I see no spark at the spark plug.  The CDI is new.

Can anyone tell me a few diagnostic tests to solve this problem?

Now that it is nice weather, I want to ride!




The problem is back. Help!!!

There are three wires going to the CDI. On the wiring diagram it appears that one should have power. With the ignition switch on, I am not seeing any power.

I suspect the problem is a loose wire in the stator,  but I do not want to take it apart unless I have to.

What measurements should I take on the three wires going to the CDI. I have believe I should also check the resistance across the coils to check their condition.



See and translate it into the englisch language. U will see also see how to change pick-up and ignition coil.



This problem is solved, but I do not know why.  Even though the starter was turning over strongly, I charged the battery because I expected to turn it over a lot while diagnosing the problem. After just charging the battery, it started up!  Now, I charge the battery once a month, just to be safe.

hi, i came across your old post


i have the same problem on my pk50 automatica .. any suggestions on how to fix?