Could someone answer a question for me please. I had a few problems with my
Px200 the weekend and had to redo the base gasket. Unfortunately when
putting it back together i tightened up the top right hand stud just a fraction to much
causing it to hit the autolube cog when starting the scooter up and it damaged the teeth. To keep me on the road i replaced it with the only cog i
had this being out of a 2003 Px125. Would this make any difference to the
amount of oil being mixed with the petrol as there seemed to be more thread
on the 2003 cog than there was on the on the one i bust but there was the same amount of teeth.

Hi according to the sip catalogue they only have one listed as px so i would say it should be ok i stand to be corrected on this . my brother has just had this problem on his 210 it took the teeth off the same cog in 3 places and allso broke the other cog that goes on to the crank in to 7 bits. i cut 3mm off the end of the stud