Autolube to premix


I wanna start premixing instead of using autolube on my PX. Can I leave autolube mechanism in the scoot or what?

Cheers. Ed.

take off the oil hose on the oil pump pipe push a match stick into if then put some silicon over the end to seal it to stop air being drawn in hope this helps Gary[:dance3:] [:dance3:] [:dance1:] [:drink:]

Hi Ed
i’ve got 2 scoots that where autolube but are now pre-mix.all i did was crimp of the oil pipe as it enters the air filter box.
both run fine and a little less smokey[:dance1:]

cut the oil pipe and remove all together,no oil in tank of course.cut a small piece of the hose,put it on the conection on the carb and ram a selff tapper screw or a small bolt up it

Cheers for the advice and have a good weekend.

Thanks. Ed.

sorry wrote that wrong should have said take off the hose that gose from the oil tank to the oil pump on the oil pump pipe push a match stick into it then seal it in place with some silicon to stop air being drawn into the carb hope this helps Gary [:dance3:]