auto lambretta

hi i know this is a vespa site but could any one help with some info . what im doing is putting a runner engine in a lambretta.
can the runner forks be moded to fit the lambretta frame or is it better to widen the forksany advice would be a help ,apart from buy a vespa as i have 2 allready

yes i have the runner frame and welding the steering colum to the lambretta is a lot better idea than widdening the forks if you have any other tips it would be most appricated thanks for your advice

I have looked at this modification, and have decided that if you have a runner frame as a donor, youre better off using the steering column off the runner frame. This allows you to use standard runner forks which is no massive advantage over the lambretta forks. BUT, it then allows you to upgrade to the Malossi 32 or 36 mm forks, which are adjustable for preload, compression and rebound, without having to modify the £450 (??) forks. Allowing resale/ fitting back into a runner. This applys to a PX aswell, but a 10" disc carrying wheel should be used.