Autisa 200 P200E kit Timing

Hi guys , I have built a new motor with a Taffspeed modified / matched Autisa 200 kit and skimmed head , it has a Mazzuchellli cut crank , 23t cosa clutch , HP4 flywheel , short 4th gear , Simonini exhaust , and upjetted to 122 std 24/24E carb - I have set the timing at 23 degrees before TDC as per P2 standard , does anyone have any suggestions if this is correct please ?

Anyone help ? I guess that 23btdc is about right then ?

they dont call me the vespadoctor for nothing.performance creates heat ,besides overjetting the easiest way to compensate is to retard the timing and havent found a tweaked p2 lump yet thatll run happily with timing advanced beyond that

17 degrees max. line the timing up on the 125 ‚it‘ mark or you’ll hole a piston

Cool , thanks for the answer but do you mind me asking how you knew that ? Nobody else has had the first idea ??