AUTISA 200 cylinder kit

Can anyone offer any advice on AUTISA PE200 cylinder kit?
Re-profiling head, timing positions, jetting etc. for a standard carb/sito plus set up
Grateful for any comments

Where did you find that one? As far as Im aware they havnt made those for a few years now. Also, there was two versions at one stage, one alloy(rare to find) and a chrome bore version (more common). Machining the head should be no problem for your nearest tuner, though you may have to supply piston with it to match, use packing plates/ malossi type cyl. head gasket to gain correct squish, 1-1.2mm. Timing will depend on your other parts used, but with a Sito, 18 to start, prehaps a tad less. Jetting, look at the bulletin board here and start on the Docs recomendations for a Pinasco/ Malossi.

cheers nate I’ll have a look



I know that this post has been up for a while, but I'm running a steel-lined aluminium Autissa 200cc kit with a Mk4 Taffspeed pipe and a 28mm carb, and it's proven to be pretty reliable...

That said I've just replaced the piston as there seemed to be some wear or erosion around the circlip grooves for no apparent reason...

Anyway, the long as short of it is that I had windows cut in a 66.5mm P200 piston and that works really well.


(I'm advanced the timing a little to to "liven it up", so we'll see how that goes......

Cheers for the advice,
I’ll have to wait til I’ve got some spare time now, probably after IOW cos I’m laxy!

cheers beerace, its alloy with steel liner. Do you suggest standard head with mallossi head gasket then? and time as per mallossi kit. I think the bore is 66mm but havent measured it yet.

Get a standard head reprofiled, a MUST. Then fit together as normal and check the squish and go from there. DO NOT try to start it! the piston may hit the head. At this stage you should get your degree disc out and measure the duration of the porting, and any obstruction of the ports by the piston too. Once you know what the squish is go from there, probably pack the bottom rather than a thick head gasket, with NO head gasket just a decent sealant. Timing, with a 1mm squish, should start at 18 but depends on pipe and carb/ reed etc. Jetting wise, Im a bit rusty on your set up, but around the 128-130 ish, as a starter.

above is a link to my webpage where i have some of the 200cc vespa kits.

anyone who is interested at haveing a look at what the autisa looks like please see my page.

also, anyone who has info to add to my page on the autisa kit, please contact me via email.

nate in the usa.

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