Aussies coming to visit Jun 06

Greetings from Down Unda.
In June, my daughter and I will be hitting your roads on a Sportcity 200 and cruising around for a month.
We depart from Switzerland and are planning to go through Austria then do a loop in Germany thru Munich, Rothenberg, Stuttgart, Tubingen then back to Switzerland.

Here in Sydney we do weekly/monthly ride days and I was wondering if there are similar rides we could join and meet some locals.

Also any hints and tips on roads to avoid, must see scenery, cheap accom etc would be mightily appreciated.

Hi Jax,
looking forward seeing you here in the shop! Ask for Ralf or Alex when you are here!!

Greetings, Ralf

Hi Ralf,
I am currently in Fussen heading off to Innsbruck and Salzburg then Munich in a week or so.

I will definately drop in and you can check my oil and kick my tyres [H]