Attn sip staff - crankshaft order

re invoice #33400/2012. TAMENI crankshaft #45153000 supplied does not fit Super#1 (engine #VBC1M60107). The rotary valve side web is approx 1.2mm larger diameter (97.8mm vs. original 96.6mm). Can you please advise if you have correct crankshaft to fit? Existing crank details are - PIAGGIO brand, type 484. bearing 25mm. seal 20mm. stroke 57mm. gudgeon pin 15mm. conrod 105mm. conrod pin 18.5mm, timing 110deg, rotary valve web diam 96.6mm. Other web sites suggest the crankshaft supplied is for VBC Super#1 engine numbers #210080 -> #412377 only.  URGENT, thanks (i hope)