Attention StHally

I have been reading your questions about a fork and disc conversion. How did you do it in the end?

Alright Taylor,

Basically I ended up doing it the cheap way, got hold of some PK XL forks, cut off the top of column, added the top of my old forks plus some, as the XL forks are shorter, and modified the bottom of the shock fitting by drilling through the ally on the mount( on hub).
Added an EFL drum and there you have it.
Oh aye! the mudguard needs some alteration buy it’s pretty straight forward.
It was a pain getting it all plumb but it works a treat. Handlings better and stopping is greatly improved with no more embarrassing dives at the traffic lights.
After the seasons done I’ll be adding a disc brake without a doubt.
All in all cost me about £75, but the welding was done by a mate.