Articles out of order ????


I've received from SIP recently some orders.
Some articles weren't in the parcels because not in stock...ok...most of them were announced as it on the web site.
The big problem is that SIP annouce on the invoice that I have to reorder tham !!!??? Shall I manage the SIP stock ??? Why shall I re order a product that I've already put in an order ??? So strange !!! I thought that the 1st clients which had order an article that weren't in stock would be served !!!
The best in that all, is that SIP proposes a partial delivery !!!
Who could explain me ?


That´s a very good question. I´d like to see the answer.


That's right...but no answer since the initial post...look at the new post about that subject...I don't wanna create a Tsunami (SIP is the only one I know that has created a specific forum for its webshop) just understand how the SIP Team manage their participation in that SIP Community...

Had the same problem as you, but as far as i can remember you're asked if you want that partial delivery or wait for the missing items to be stocked and then sent out with the lot.....

the re-order might have something to do with the P&P/ UPS charge gathering that you are, like me, living abroad.Even though at the time of my order(ordered cruciform and bits and bobs and a Flywheelpuller, which as the most important item in that order did not arrive) i was pissed off big time, i firstly found out about that partial delivery, and secondly looked at the UPS charge and understood that i can hardly expect SIP to cover the costs for a reorder of that f****** Flywheelpuller.At the end i realised with clenched fists that i should have read the confirmation of my order carefully.....

But if you speak to them on the phone they should be well able to explain all that!

All the best and Happy new year!