Art. 14000500 - modificatons

Racing cylinder 130cc POLINI
PV/ET3/PK/XL, iron-cast,
6 transfers

Art.-No 14000500
passt mit kleinen Modifikationen auch
auf PK/XL 125
1400125 ist ausser Produktion

Hello guys,

can someone please tell me what modofications have to be made to fit this kit to PK XL. Or does it fit straight on.



Hi JuanK,

yes ports will be matched, I was referring to the descritption under artickle in sip catalogue - i was afraid that some milling would be envolved ( either to the barrel base or engine casing). Maybe someone from SIP can clear this for me.

Exhaust doesn't worry me - that won't be a problem.

It can be a "bolt on" although I consider this a waste of time,I would always open the transfer ports.


If I remember correctley then the ETS/XL barrel uses a differant exhaust port from other barrels so some exhausts may not fit if fitted straight to the barrel or with out the correct elbow.I could well be wrong though as I've not used an expansion on one of these motors.